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Hope Food Pantry

International Partners

America's farmers are the best in the world. For generations, farmers have implemented the values of responsible animal care, environmental stewardship and food safety to ensure that America's consumers have access to the safe and nutritious food we need. Families struggling in other countries are not so fortunate, and we hope that by sharing what we know about safe and responsible egg production, we provide consumers outside the U.S. with access to the benefits of good nutrition and safe food for their families. In YEAR, Center Fresh Group received the Crystal Egg Award, the highest honor bestowed by the International Egg Commission, for our commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

21st Century Farming in Mozambique

A visit to Mozambique in 2006 inspired Bruce and Kim Dooyema, one of Center Fresh Group's founding families, to use their knowledge of egg production to bring 21st century farming practices to the African country. Bruce and Kim, along with Center Fresh Group, are building a modern, fully-integrated egg facility in Mozambique that will allow local egg farmers to produce nutritious and safe eggs to help to feed to the county's growing population. The funds generated from the egg production facility will then be used to build educational facilities within the community. And, ultimately, the effort provides jobs in the local community while building a sustainable food supply for citizens in Mozambique.