2018 Golf Outing
Hope Food Pantry

Community Involvement

Farming has always been important in providing for the quality life so many of us enjoy in our rural communities. At Center Fresh Group we are committed to protecting and preserving that way of life for all of us who are proud to call our rural towns and cities home.

We provide local jobs and are proud to make our purchases from and support local businesses. We want our neighbors to trust that our on-farm practices and our egg production practices are also beneficial to the economic success of our communities. We support our local schools, libraries and roads through local and state taxes, and we participate in many community events that help our civic organizations, churches and charities raise funds for important causes.

We also know we have a responsibility to be good neighbors and that means being open and transparent about what is happening on our farms. We encourage our neighbors to contact us directly if they have questions about any of our egg production or processing practices, and we host regular farm tours and open houses to ensure that our neighbors and community leaders understand not just what we do; but why our practices meet their needs for safe food, raised responsibility.