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Environmental Care

Because we are a company of families, from our management team to our employees, Center Fresh Group is committed to preserving our natural resources for the next generation. By capturing and recycling the valuable nutrients produced and used on our farms, we take our responsibility to do the right thing seriously. We work hard to limit our impact on the environment and to meet our shared responsibility to protect our land, air and water in all that we do.

At Center Fresh Group, our farms implement and follow state and federal environmental regulations designed to limit farming's environmental impact on our communities. In addition, we are proud to:

  • abide by a zero discharge standard at all our farms
  • develop and implement comprehensive manure and nutrient managements plan on all our farms
  • monitor and analyze soil to ensure we are properly managing land application of nutrients
  • compost and recycle where possible
  • recycle and conserve nutrients and manure for use by local farmers
  • implement practices that conserve energy and water
  • provide worker training on environmental systems
  • continually review our practices for improvement